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Okay, back to killing Piglet.
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Originally Posted by carnivorousplant View Post
Okay, back to killing Piglet.
You wound me, sir!
Look, I like a cute little pink piglet as well as the next Southern girl. Especially Sausage and Bacon. (No those are not the names of my pet porkers, they're food, folks).
The piglet I shot was a nasty tick and flea infested little garden raper. No telling how big his personal tapeworm was. I didn't stop and measure. He probably had scabies too. I wore double gloves and used a shovel to place his little dead body in a doubled garbage sacks. Son-of-a-wrek dug a hole and put him to rest without fanfare. I'm laying in wait for his approximately dozen brothers and sisters. They, too will meet their end if I see one cloven hoof print. That is a promise.
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And here I was hoping for a luau-style BBQ, with placing said dead porkette in a pit lined with hot stones, then covering the porkette with taro leaves and wet burlap sacks and filling in the pit. We'd all sit around drinking massive sweet cocktails out of coconut shells (don't forget the little umbrellas!).

When we get drunk enough, we send out for ribs from the local barbecue joint, and forget about the wormy, disease-infected porkette.

Sounds like a party to me!

Klaatu Barada Nikto
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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
No, no don't eat feral hog. It's all kinda nasty.
I understood feral hog to be quite appreciated in its day. In fact, the famous Hatfield/McCoy Feud started over one, did it not?
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Always up for a party. But, VOW you're right, not eating the pig in the ground. Yuk!


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