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Cosmos: A Waste of Spacetime

I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up for the remake of Sagan's extraordinarily great and thoughtful series, but even so, I never expected it to be this poor!

I'll repeat what I wrote in another post: What really ruined it for me was that unlike the original Cosmos -- which was lovingly broadcast on PBS -- this thing was absolutely drowning in innumerable and incredibly disrupting commercials!

It very much seemed that NGT was rushing like crazy to get something said before the next mind-bogglingly awful ad. Gone was the lushly engaging, warmly contemplative pace of Sagan's approach, and in its place here was NGT speeding to get a tweet-length bit of cheap, inaccurate prose out before Fox cut him off again.

As to the content, why the hell spend so much time grossly exaggerating the importance of Bruno, with a cheap-ass cartoon (it doesn't deserve the term 'animation'), no less? Just to get a bit of scientifically irrelevant Church-bashing in?

But to me, the worst part was the treatment of the Big Bang. Completely ignoring the actual science, they ignorantly illustrated the Big Bang as an explosion, and worse yet, NGT referred to it the same stupid way!

Idiots!! The Big Bang was NOT an explosion, and in fact that view is one of the first things any potential cosmologist has to unlearn before they begin their studies in earnest. To have an explosion, you have to have something to explode into, but space did not yet exist! It was being created simultaneously.

Some terrible misunderstandings arise if you think of the BB as an explosion. The foremost is that it then becomes "natural" to ask where the BB occurred, or where the center of the Universe is. But since it wasn't an explosion, these concepts are utterly meaningless.

Furthermore, NGT didn't even mention inflation! Sagan had an excuse, as Guth's idea was just barely coming into public knowledge by the time the original Cosmos was broadcast (and obviously, the series was created well before being broadcast in 1980). But there's no excuse for this remade piece of dreck!


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