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I can't believe there are baseless conspiracy theories that James threw the game. He bet basically as I predicted he would bet. He knew he couldn't win if whatshername got the question right so he bet to win if she got it wrong. It was the best strategy going into the final round as an underdog.

Maybe he didn't play quite as well as he had the day before, but:

Originally Posted by MrAtoz View Post
Alex seemed to be tearing up a bit at the end, and I suspect it wasn't just because James lost. This week's episodes were recorded the day after he announced his cancer diagnosis. I imagine that he was dealing with a lot of emotions at that time.
I didn't know this but any seeming weakness in James's game could be tied to that announcement. James had been a Jeopardy fan since he was a kid. He loves the show and from what I could tell, he loves Alex Trebeck. They had gotten to know each other at least a little from a few weeks of taping together. And James's here just announced that he had cancer. James delivered a handmade card from his beloved daughter to Alex. Perhaps, James was a little off his game because he could see that this game and the coming games really are the end of an era, defined not by James taking taking the all-time money winning lead, but potentially by the looming absence of the man who has defined the game for his entire life. So yeah, maybe James was a bit distracted and someone else got the better of him.

In an interview, Ken Jennings said its really hard for a winner to follow up with another victory after beating a long time champion. The game usually films at a rhythm with the returning champ getting a few minutes of break and going right into filming the next episode. When a long-time champ gets defeated, the rhythm is broken while the new champ has to film promos and do interviews. Then they resume the next game. It's probably overwhelming and puts the the new champ off her best performance. It might be a lot to expect her to hold on for even one more game. It would be interesting to have a giant-slayer tournament where the people who beat Ken, James, and Julia (who had a 20 game winning streak).


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