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Been back to all my youthful haunts in the past couple of years.

House I was born in has been extensively remodeled, but still is there and the neighborhood looks pretty much the same. Like wolfman above, I was surprised that places that seemed so far to a 6-year old are really quite near each other.

House 2 in Indiana I lived in for 18 months (dad got transferred) is still there, but the trees all grew up (it was a new development with houses still being built) and it looks...drearier these days.

Houses 3 and 4 back in Ohio are still there, not much has changed about them.

House 1 was in a small town, the others in what we would call Suburbia these days.
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I lived in Savannah Georgia from the early 1960s to 1975. I've gone back a time or two but the town of my boyhood no longer exists. In the 1960s downtown Savannah was a vibrant shopping district; Savannah got it's first outlying mall in the early 1970s. The times I went back downtown was a ghost town and even the mall had been superceded by newer malls. The old brick-pile elementary and middle schools I attended are closed.

There's also been a lot of development. Back in the day Savannah was damn near the only significant point of civilization between Hilton Head in South Carolina and Brunswick down the coast. Today there are a lot more roads and suburbs. Tybee Island was a half-developed rural town where mostly poor people lived; at some point it gentrified into expensive beach homes.
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My Grandfathers house: This project started the year before my father did, and it is, dimensionaly the same today as it was years ago, but the tiny first floor looks nothing like it did, and after we sold it in the 1980's the new owners blew off the room and added a second floor with 4 bedrooms upstairs. The Realtor photos look like they lowered the basement floor, but with all the photos shot wide angle, who knows. My grandfathers man cave, a/k/a the garages are gone.
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I once did a Google streetview project of finding every house I ever lived in, back to the 30's, in 17 states/provinces, about 40 of them. Only four were gone, the rest still there and recognizable.

Baseball HOFer and broadcaster Ralph Kiner is one who can't. He was born in the New Mexico mining town of Santa Rita, the exact 3-dimensional site of which is now about 500 feet in the air above an open pit copper mine.


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