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Its been awhile guys... I had forgotton about this place and the other day i just tried it and saw its still on the same good VBB version as it was when I joined

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Chanukah

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Dr. Daystrom: Dude1 through Dude110 were not entirely successful.
"Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! That's my other dog imitation." - Oddball
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Aren't you the guy that liked Microsoft so much?
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Hehe that was me

You remember that I see............
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Sorry, I'm confusing you with Dude1!1.
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Welcome back. *bzzt* Not much has changed. *click ... click* All bonvenigi cases will be dealt with efficacely. *click* Please come this way and sit down. Someone short will be with you s*skree*Someone will be with you shortly. *kachunk* Woild you like some ice cream? It's fresh!
Rigardu, kaj vi ekvidos.
Look, and you will begin to see.


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