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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
Very late, but: good job. That guy was absolutely embarrassing. Basically every BS antivaxxer trope in the book, and you did a pretty damn good job of shredding them.
Originally Posted by splatterpunk View Post
Agreed. Well done.
Thank you.

Markus wrote following vile article about me:

Sad, stupid, little bastard. One day he's going to finally stop hating his poor child because she's broken in his eyes. And one day they're going to develop a vaccine to prevent type I diabetes and blow his tiny mind.

He's also a miserable, lying coward. He posted a nasty review of the book on Amazon. He denied it even though the false name he used was the exact same name he used to reply to comments people were making about his self published drivel. When confronted on it in pm's he offered to take the review down if we would stop mocking him online and stop writing comments about his shitty little piece of creative typing. I don't respond to blackmail so I told the fuck to go to hell. He took it down without apology.

He wrote another hit piece on me right afterwards. In the comments, several posters stated they would like to hurt me and my children. Rather than being a decent human being and indicating that threats of physical violence are not acceptable, he agreed with the threats. Then the NVIC, an anti-vax organization run by that lying bitch Barbara Loe Fisher, ran the article on their Facebook page, complete with comments urging physical harm against me and my daughters. I am not against freedom of speech but I think we can all agree that no one should be allowed to suggest that a lynch mob show up and hurt a mother and her two little girls. They finally removed it about 24 hours later.

He's a lousy parent who should give his poor child up to someone to raise who doesn't see her as broken because she has a chronic but treatable medical condition. He teaches. If he did so in my school district I would do everything I could to get his ass fired, especially after he admitted to showing up in school sick from the flu. He basically shrugged and suggested it would probably help the students develop better immune systems. Given that his own poor child probably has less resistance to the flu because of her medical condition, he's also an irrational lunatic who could have easily put her in danger.

He's a toad. A boil on the ass of humanity. A insult to common sense and scientific progress. A Luddite mindlessly smashing things because he fails to understand them. I would gladly see him sent to a small island somewhere where he can lobby for all the contagious diseases he likes and not hurt anyone else in the process.


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