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Presenting my third novel, sci-fi thriller "Spindown"

So I just published my third novel, and I'd like to tell the Dope about it. I posted about my first two here in Cafe Society, so I'm assuming that it's still okay to do so. It's available as an ebook right now; if it somehow becomes a hit, I'll make a paperback version.

It's called "Spindown", and it's a murder-mystery/thriller in space. Here's the back cover blurb (ebooks don't have back covers, but you get the idea):

Cyrus Konami is the Chief Inspector on the first colony vessel, Aotea, to leave Earth's solar system. Deep within the machinery of the ship, a suspicious death upends the routine on board. Mysterious signals from deep space add to the confusion, along with a series of debilitating malfunctions.

Cy and Lieutenant Beatriz Mattoso dig into the deceased crewman's background. The first signs point to a tragic accident. Ship scuttlebutt points to the deep-space signals -- is a mysterious force trying to prevent humanity from spreading into deep space? Or are the radical pacifists and cultural separatists who funded the journey somehow involved?

With an increasingly uncooperative populace, a shocking assassination attempt, and a spaceship falling apart around them, Cy and Bea must unravel secrets that threaten the lives of thousands before it's too late!
The wonderful cover art is by Doper GuanoLad -- book covers are a regular gig for him, and here is his website.

I'm selling it in two forms -- the entire book on various online retailers (Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and possibly a few others), and serially, broken up into Parts One through Five, with Part One free to download (at Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, and a few others, but sadly Amazon does not allow me to upload a free ebook). Smashwords offers both in multiple formats.

Neither of my previous books sold particularly well, but it was still fun to write them and get feedback on them. I'm confident this is my best book by far. For one thing, it's not derivative in any way -- my first two were either inspired by or satirizing George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire". This one is an entirely original setting and story. This is also my first sci-fi novel -- the other two are fantasy. And finally, this was the most extensively edited, and the only book on which I worked with a professional editor. I did submit to publishers and literary agents for over a year, with a lot of nibbles, a bit of serious interest, but ultimately no takers, unfortunately, so I decided to self publish again. I hope folks will give the links above a look -- and I'll encourage sci-fi fans who don't want to shell out money to give the free Part One a try.

If you'd like to read it but can't obtain it at any of the links above for whatever reason, please let me know and I'll find some way to get the book to you. Thanks for reading!


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