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If there's an MPSIMS Idiot of the Day award, I may have a lock on it today. I've been rolling my eyes and scoffing for almost a week now about the tee shirt the USPS kept telling me couldn't be delivered. Today I walked to the PO (2.5 miles) with the "pick up your parcel" slip to get my tee shirt. The clerk came staggering back to the counter under a very large, rather heavy (21 lbs.) box. I'd forgotten about the InstaPot I'd bought on Black Friday my DD for Christmas. I couldn't trek 2.5 miles home with that box. I'm only 5'2 and couldn't SEE over the box when I held it.

No bus stop nearby. I had to call Uber.

I take back 48% of my scoffing at the USPS.
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Well, nellie, at least you were First on Four (page, that is), beating spidey to it (he'll forgive you in a decade or so...)

Actually did get out of the house to pay the water bill and fill the gas tank (21.41 gallons for 512.5 miles or 23.9 mpg, pretty good for a Durango). Internettin' for the balance of the evening.

FCM, becoming rather fond of Texas Roadhouse myself, still go to Logan's Roadhouse for their meatloaf, though.

Spidey, I wonder if the sign meant grades 2-8 instead of ages? We start here at 4 years old, but don't try to play games until they're 5-6.

Sari, how in the hell does that kid plan to survive once you have slipped the mortal coil, or gotten you so fed up you kick him out?

flyboy, thinking about joining a gym myself, there are sooooo many nearby I wonder if there is anybody left not signed up with one of them....

OK, the Southwest Chief (Amtrak) is due at Laplata, Mo. shortly, need to switch over there. All y'all take care.
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Sari- same. Make him talk to his advisor himself. I get it. I'm the queen of heliocopter Moms. But he needs to learn that as well as his lessons. Unless, of course there's a reason he cannot. If there is just ignore me.

I'm trying to find a food that checks off my boxes for restrictions. So far I have a meal replacement shake or Annies organic/carb free/gluten free spaghetti stars. In otherwords dog food.
I go to the nutrish-clinic tomorrow. I hope she can help me find foods. This is ridiculous.
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Got to irk today to discover my security badge had not made the trip with me, had to get another, which involves a sup signature. Gotta remember to return the old one Moanday (will not be trekking out there tomorrow).

It's kennel cough season at Hades Annex. At least five other people besides me had bad coughs, and I heard unusual amounts of sneezing and sniffling. My throat and sinuses are not amused with me. Tomorrow features another DH medical appointment (my reason for not going to irk tomorrow) and Saturday is DH's company Christmas party, which he's really looking forward to.
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Well, darn. I didn't want to take page 4 away from anyone. Sorry, Spidey!

Sari, I don't know the backstory. Does your son have some issues that keep him from contacting his advisor himself? If he has a disability that requires you to schedule for him, make sure his profs know. If not, you may not be getting a call back because there are legal issues, in which case the best you can do for your son is to help him plan out his schedule and leg him take it from there.
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We are a remote and isolated base so Single sailors or unaccompanied sailors E5 and below live in barracks and we have a program to keep them entertained and out of trouble. This is Navy wide. Anyway, the gift bags are for a birthday program where on their BD they will find a gift bag in their rooms. Just snacks and small things. They also go on trips as a group and get discounts on base. In my office they receive 10% over and above the already deeply discounted tickets we sell. One required standard is there must be an activity planned for the actual holiday- Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Day. We are currently without a program manager so others are picking up the slack. The whole point is that no sailor shall be alone during holiday season and it help them make friends.

I heard that our fairly new Director, HR lady and hotel GM were finally terminated yesterday. They have been suspended with pay since late May for various thievery and wrongdoing. Personally I feel they should be subject to criminal charges and may be yet. I hate a thief more than anything.

Spidey I went to the dealership and they took my car to check the tires and after about 10 minutes they brought it back and the light was off. The service writer told me they had many cars in today for the same thing. Since I had already had the air checked I think they had to manually turn the light off. The tires are not very old but could still have something in one. I hope they checked that. I was there long enough to browse some new cars and get accosted by a salesman.

Thank God tomorrow is Firday. Tis been a long week.
I guess this is my signature.
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I have survived my multi-hour MRI. Hopefully, it will reveal something useful.

I'm looking forward to the end of the week...


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