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A few late Endgame thoughts (Spoilers natch)

1. 2014 Thanos should have just stayed in 2014 and stayed with his plan but slightly altered. He gets the stones, then he "Destroys the universe down to its last atom before remaking it"...or whatever he was going to do. Granted, he only knows what 2023 Nebula knows,. I don't know how much of the plan she is privy too. So he might be afraid they arn't being returned or even worse....they're being "Returned" to an alternate dimension. So from his perspective all the stones collected in 2014 are gone forever

2. Cap should keep the soulstone. 2014 Thanos and the soulstone come from the same dimension/timeline. There's no reason to return it.

3. Also Black Widow from that timeline will survive cause that timelines Thanos is dead.

4. Finally...and i can't believe I just thought of this. What is Old Cap gonna do??? Just go home?
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