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managing two Google accounts on one Android phone: addresses not found by maps

Mods, if this belongs in some other forum, please move it. This is my best guess.

I have two Google accounts that I use on this phone. One is and is the account I use for backing up addresses, Google drive, etc. The other is and I only use it for Google groups with people I met on another message board. I don't use the Gmail app at all, and don't really use Gmail.

I have tried googling, but I've mostly found info on how to get email from both in the Gmail app, and that's not my problem.

My problem is that my phone has decided the username address is primary. So, if I ask the phone to navigate to a friend's house it doesn't recognize my friend's name, and makes some bad guess at a retail establishment. I'm pretty sure this is the problem, because if i forward a map to my computer, it comes "from" the username id. It also has forgotten how to spell my name, my husband's name, and the names of my friends, probably because they are no longer in the primary account when I type.

I can't figure out how to tell maps to log into the other account, instead. Does anyone know?

This problem has persisted across two or three phones, now, ever since i created the username id and told the phone about it.

Thanks for any advice.

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Does this work for you?
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Yay! Thank you, I think it does.

I don't have an avatar for my username account, and so I never noticed that "account circle". I think this will work.


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