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I miss New Hampshire

I grew up just outside Boston- close enough to walk (with a little effort) to the T

We bought our first house in NH because it was what we could afford. That was 20 years ago. It didn't take me long to love it.

About 2 years ago, the missus wanted to move closer to the city, because her commute was killing her (it had got pretty bad, for both of us)

Now we're back within the T's radius.

I hate it. I want NH back. But she gets upset when I say that. So I pretend I like it. I don't.

That is all.
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Beautiful state. I've driven through it--saw the Old Man of the Mountain before he fell down--and even spent a weekend on Golden Pond (Squam Lake). We stayed in Holderness, where the movie was filmed.

Really enjoyed my visit to New Hampshire, and I hope I can return someday.
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I'm missing New Hampshire right now.

I live outside Boston, and I';m used to taking quick trips up into the Granite State to visit their Used Book stores and their tacky tourist attractions and their classy tourist attractions and to hike and sightsee.

And with the coronavirus thing I can't do any of that.
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I went to college in NH and stayed for 15 years after that, but am now back down in the Boston area near where I grew up. I really enjoyed living in NH but I get so much more out of life here closer to the city. I can walk to shopping, restaurants, activities, entertainment, etc. and there's so much more to do.

The main thing I miss is being closer to the mountains and the ability to bike on rural roads pretty close to my house.
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I'm an hour south of Boston, and have officially lived down here my while life. But every vacation I took growing up was New Hampshire (other than some "big" trips to Florida and such) and I've continued those vacations through my adult years. I can't spend enough time there. I had a job that took me to Portland once a week for the last year or so, from which you could see the Presidentials on a clear day. I just kept staring out the window (after fighting the urge to take 16 north instead of staying on 95 in Portsmouth).

Now my daughter is hooked on the Granite State, too. Another generation ruined.

I'm doing everything I can to get some property up north, with the intent of retiring there. When we were up there in November, my wife commented that she's never seen me so relaxed and in such a good mood for so long a stretch. Yep. That's New Hampshire.
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Here you go. Move back.



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