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Originally Posted by kanicbird View Post
They are doing for Star Trek what Disney did for Star Wars
So Strange New Worlds might be like The Mandalorian? A surprisingly decent show that comes at the end of a trail of large scale disappointments?
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In all seriousness, the people who are nostalgiac for classic trek (particular TNG) might like The Orville. It is more Star Trek than Discovery or Picard is.

Now - the first season may be a turnoff. It definitely starts with more elements of goofy Seth Macfarlane dialogue/hijinks, as I think he had to sell the show as more of a funny/goofy show. It's never a parody (the premise was more like - what if instead of watching Star Fleet's best crew on their flagship, we watched one of their C- crews?), but some of the ridiculous elements (which I still enjoy but I know it turns other people off) are stronger earlier in the season.

But halfway through the second season it really hits its groove and becomes a much more serious show that has some humor. It actually becomes strikingly like TNG during some parts, clearly a loving homage, down to the pacing, the nature of the plots, the sort of conflicts that arise, even the technical stuff like the sound design, camerawork, and scene transitions. I think they even got some of the people involved with the TNG production in the show. The people who make the show clearly love Star Trek and particularly TNG.

It's not perfect, but I enjoy it, and I think it captures the essence of star trek more than the actual current star trek series do.
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I agree.

The Orville is the best Star Trek in a long time. I hope it comes back.

(Like how Mission Impossible movies are the best James Bond movies being made. They're just not good "MI" movies. )


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