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Trump to Florida rally crowd: “Just this week I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state.”
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We are in trouble if the Deep State has guns, tanks and rockets...

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Originally Posted by NDP View Post
Aside from smearing his character on Twitter and at rallies, there's nothing more Trump can do to Spencer now that he's been fired, right?
Trump is a vindictive little bitch, so I bet he's looking for ways to take the guy's retirement benefits and pension away from him.
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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I wonder how many other Eddie Gallaghers are out there, willing to go on Fox News and usurp their chain of command. Militaries can't function like this. The Republicans who enable this are fucking traitors.

I don't give a fuck what people have to say about my opinions. ...
Well they ARE god damn traitors.
Old 11-29-2019, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SteveG1 View Post
Well they ARE god damn traitors.
Tramp's UN ambassador and Putin's defence minister, both cabinet officers, both declared that Russia is waging war on the US. With troops. See the constitutional definition of treason. Yes, a US resident or citizen supporting Russia meets the criteria. Rope is cheap.
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Sunderland is a chump, he was being used like a gas station condom. I doubt he has enough loyalty to betray it, nor the good sense to realize that he has.


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