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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
Rather than a "stereotype", the thing about hippies spitting at Vietnam vets falls entirely (or almost entirely) into the realm of urban legend.
The two aren't mutually exclusive. I agree that the "spitting" behavior pattern seems to have been tremendously exaggerated from a very few (if any) actual occurrences, but it nonetheless became a stereotypical characteristic attributed to counterculture hippies.

Originally Posted by Jackmannii
On the other hand, repeatedly voiced disgust with the idea of honoring military veterans' service and disdaining support for the military in general is a feature (excuse me, a bug) of many leftists (ranting about attention given to vets is a continual refrain on this board).
I join various other posters in being surprised by this accusation, not having noticed such rants. Having now looked at the five threads you linked to, two of which are over ten years old, I think they don't really support your claim very well. A small number of posters might be outright anti-soldier, but ISTM that what most of the people making the complaints in your linked threads are complaining about is unthinkingly fetishizing and idolizing the military, not simply honoring, supporting and attending to it.

Originally Posted by Yankees 1996 Champs
I listen to Savage to hear a different viewpoint.
Serious question: Can't you manage to find an ideologically "different viewpoint" from your own that isn't completely saturated with hatefulness, racism and lies, not to mention laughably anti-scientific gullibility about stuff like homeopathic medicine?

Being open to trying different cuisines does not require you to be willing to eat shit straight out of the toilet. Similarly, seeking different viewpoints about politics and culture doesn't require you to voluntarily subject yourself to the disordered rantings of bigots and fools. (Although, to be fair, the disordered rantings of bigots and fools are a very large part of what's on offer these days among rightwing viewpoints about politics and culture.)
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Originally Posted by Yankees 1996 Champs View Post
I am a damn moderate because the far left and far right sicken me.
And yet you come here to champion a right wing bigot and sing his praises.
Originally Posted by Yankees 1996 Champs View Post
The far left likes to bully those who will not submit to their viewpoint.
This is an idiotic comment. Trump started a chant of 'lock her up' during a Presidential Debate. He got a lot of morons in the crowd to join in. While the debate was happening! There was video. Perhaps you saw it? THAT isn't bullying?

Originally Posted by Yankees 1996 Champs View Post
Leftists don't own the world.
'Leftists' in this country are being threatened with actual gun violence. They have driven cars at us while we engage in our right to protest. Some of us have died. We are considered an enemy. In fact, the Right considers us MORE of an enemy than Russia. They want us deported. They want us imprisoned. They want us shot. And we're bullies? Perhaps you are unclear as to that word's meaning?

Originally Posted by Yankees 1996 Champs View Post

I don't agree with all of his views, but he has the right to speak. This is America.
Of course he has the right to speak. I do not agree with what he says, but I will defend to the death his right to say it. But I WILL call him out for being the lying-ass hypocrite, bigot and bully that he is.

Freedom of Speech does not mean your speech will go unchallenged. Kinda means the opposite. The other guy gets to speak too.
"Just love everybody. I'll sort 'em out later"



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