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Islamic seat armrest tables

I've seen a few examples of Islamic decor with flat long couches that have dividers interspersed regularly that act as a sort of table/armrest for people.

Here is an example using pillows:

What I have seen, in person, is with wood so that you can use it for a table for drinks.

Is there a word for these? I want to find something for outdoor use.
Old 12-01-2019, 03:24 AM
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If you look for majlis furniture or arabic seating you get those types of low sofas and cushions. This page features some wooden dividers; I am afraid I don't know what they are called exactly.
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In the outdoor bench industry, they are called either anti-vagrant dividers or skate stoppers.

They are intended to prevent vagrants from lying down on the bench to sleep, or to prevent skateboarders, etc. from jumping onto the bench and skating along it as an obstacle. But I don't think they are specifically Islamic in origin.
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That is the style of couch that is called a divan.

Outdoors, maybe a dakkah would be better.

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Do the dividers have anything to do with Sharia law?


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