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Originally Posted by EinsteinsHund View Post
I've heard it's worse in Austria, where you have to address a lowly employee on the beat for the municipal public order office as "Herr Geheimer Hofrat" or some such.
It's not worse, it's different. The thing about Austria is that you never have to think about if 'Dr' is stuffy and pretentious, or if calling someone by their first name is inappropriate. There is a standard (which is extremely courteous), and you just use the same courtesy for everyone: for your boss or your servants or the shop clerk or the juvenile delinquent out front. Done. Sorted. Worry about something else.
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I had a Physics prof in college and at the time he was working on but did not have his doctorate. I honestly don't know what I called him then, probably Professor <lastname>.
He was the advisor to the game group, and I think everyone addressed him as <fisrtname> in that context. He still shows up at the university game convention* and now that he has his doctorate most folks call him Dr. <firstname>

* I'm still amazed that a student-run gaming convention has been going on for 30+ years
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My brother has an MBA, and is an Associate Professor. Under the university's rules, he will not be eligible to be a full Professor until he finishes his doctorate.

He teaches a class in Restaurant Management. His students address him by his important title: Chef.
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Originally Posted by scr4 View Post
I've noticed that in my workplace (government/engineering/research) there are lots of people with PhD, but there are a few that everyone refers to as Dr. <lastname>, and most others are just referred to by first name or full name. I can't figure out why, people seem to do it because everyone else does it. Has anyone else seen that happen? Do you think that's because they introduce themselves as Dr? Or some other social dynamic at play here?
Every single college professor that I know has a PhD insists on being called "Dr." Out in the workforce, none has (though they might append PhD to their name in their email signature).
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Where I work it depends entirely on context and who is addressing whom. The scientists and the top administrators (who are also scientists) all have Ph.D.s. Everybody addresses each other by first name. Of course, in a formal context such as a meeting they will be introduced as "Dr. [Lastname]."

Most scientists and technicians and other professional staff also are on a first name basis. Non-technical staff (such as receptionists and secretaries) and students will address scientists as "Dr. [Lastname]." I will often tell students to call me by my first name, but most will insist on calling me "Dr. [Firstname]" at least. Security guards and maintenance staff will just call everyone "Doctor" as a default. But no one insists on being called "Doctor" by anyone.

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Physical therapists used to get a MS degree but now almost all programs give a DPT degree. Some go by Dr. like the guy I went to recently but I think most PTs don't use Dr.


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