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Originally Posted by Cartooniverse View Post
Interesting. Michelle's name has been removed from the IMDB page for this film.
I see her name there just fine: right after Ali Madani, just before Michael Zand.
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Originally Posted by Dropo View Post
Mr. Chang did not work as a stop-motion animator on this film. You don't have to take my word for it, or even IMDB, which lists him as "special photographic effects" and four other dudes as "stop motion animator (uncredited)."

We have Mr. Chang's own words as to where the stop-motion credit belongs:!&f=false
Very cool. I haven't read that book, but now I'm going to have to. I had no idea that King Kong veterans O'Brien and Delgado were involved in making the film.

Animation is both costly and expensive (Ishiro Honda reportedly wanted to animate Godzilla for the original movie, but had neither the time nor the money). so animation gets re-used. I recall seeing animation footage from Dinosaurus years later on TV shows like It's About Time.
The makers of the GoPro have to come out with a model called the "Quid"
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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
Hmm -- we share a wavelength.

Wizards BIG SNIP

Calltiki -- The Immortal Monster BIG SNIP

I'd love to own a copy, but the DVDs of it sell for a premium price, and I'm not willing to pay that.

Dinosaurus! -- BIG SNIP

I had the comic book adaptation. I'm convinced that the climactic showdown between the hero, using a steamshovel to fight the T. Rex, inspired James Cameron's Aliens, with Sigourney Weaver fighting the Alien Queen with her exoskeleton loader suit.
I have thinned things down somewhat but at one point I had aver 1500 movies along this line on DVD; I probably have about 300 currently. All three of these are among my "must keep" along with others from this thread. Someone mentioned "Manos" above and its reputation for being terrible? They never managed to last all the way through "Idaho Transfer" or "King Kong Fu". Your appraisals are good but I would add

Wizards -- in the end magic falls back on to technology in the form of a well placed Luger.

Caltiki -- another Luger in a supporting role (I actually did a theme month at a local Bad Movie Mondays where schlock horror with Lugers was the theme)

Dinosaurus -- I think memories we had as kids of this one influenced a lot of future efforts from the various greats; and bads as well. In the one horror contest I keep trying to get it named as the one most needing full restoration (along with Witchfinder General which has good sound but heavily edited or full scenes with crappy sound). I have seen full-screen print survivors and ------ the usual version released for TV and DVD must have been made from a poor copy.
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The Hot Rock. 1972 light hearted flick with Robert Redford as an ex-con and his buddies trying to retrieve a valuable gem for an African nation. The origin of the phrase "Afghanistan banana stand". ( not to be confused with the unrelated "There is always money in the banana stand" ).

And what can I say, I liked - Howard The Duck.

Also if you want a bit of time travel (but may be in your to deep category) try Slaughterhouse Five.
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Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve and Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen are fun pseudo time-travel films.
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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
Calltiki -- The Immortal Monster was an Italian monster movie....I'd love to own a copy, but the DVDs of it sell for a premium price, and I'm not willing to pay that.
Caltiki freaked this 50's kid out like no other movie. Always remembered it fondly, eventually coughed up the biggish bucks for a DVD. Video quality 2 out of 10.
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They Call Me Trinity

One the Bud Spencer/Terence Hill series of Italian movies. A western, it opens up with Hill riding a litter being dragged by his horse. Dragging him through the dust, through streams, etc. Guy's wearing filthy rags. Looks like he's been through hell. Finally, he reaches a small town. "Great," you think. "Now he can get food and water, get a bath and clothes, get his shit together and we can find out what hell he's just been through."

No, it doesn't work like that. He goes to eat, but he doesn't clean up or change his clothes. He hasn't been through hell, that's just how he always looks. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen. He doesn't clean up or change until halfway through the movie, and by that time, he's been deputized, and wears the star on his rags.

It's a spaghetti-western comedy.
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Cool ones
Roddy mcdowall
The shooting
Jack nicolson
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Originally Posted by mbh View Post
Soldiers of Fortune vs Third World Dictators:
The Wild Geese
The Dogs of War
I think I love you.

And where is Miracle Mile?
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Brightburn only came out earlier this year, so it's not a cult classic yet, but I think it will be. Basically it asks the question of what if Superman was sent to Earth to conquer it. I don't think the movie fully lives up to it's premise, but the premise is so good that it's still enjoyable viewing.


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