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Ending to the movie "The Objective": WTF? (SPOILER ALERT)

This is gonna be tough because most posters haven't seen this one, though its free in On-Demand on Fios and is a pretty good flick.

The basic non spoiler plot, a CIA agent leads special ops forces into a remote part of Afghanistan to seek out a Mullah to get his endorsement in their fight against the Taliban. The freaky sci-fi shit starts going down.

Heres the rest of the plot, CP from Wiki, SPOILERS COMING:
"The next morning, Abdul warns Keynes that they are dealing with a supernatural phenomenon which is beyond human conception, and has deadly consequences. He later commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.

As the team progresses further and tensions among the men increase, they confront Keynes and demand the truth. Keynes shows them a recording from a thermal imaging camera and informs them about the real motive. The thermal video shows a triangular object in the desert. Being almost invisible to the naked eye, it moves rapidly in the air and can split up into several tiny portions. It was this object that killed the men. The CIA had been monitoring this phenomenon for sometime and sent Keynes and the special forces team to the location to further investigate it. Keynes theorizes that this object originates from an ancient Indian mythology called 'Vimanas' and the bright lights and the ghost gunmen are associated with it. He also explains that the team is an 'expendable' for the investigation and they will not be rescued, which causes a brief scuffle with an agitated soldier.

Short on ammo, water and food the team wanders further into the desert where they finally encounter the vimanas. A berserk soldier opens fire only to be vaporised. Keynes flees with the weak soldier and abandons him later. Exhausted and traumatized, Keynes searches for water. He encounters an oasis and drinks water from it only to discover the body of a fellow soldier laying next to the water. Unable to grasp the horror, he passes out. When he wakes up in the night, he hears the distant sound of a helicopter and fires his flare gun. Simultaneously, several flares fire up from the valley. The bright light he encountered earlier appears and a being from it approaches him. As it touches his forehead, he sees visions and hallucinations of various objects and landscapes, causing him to go into a complete trance. In the final scene he is shown levitating several inches from the bed with a talisman in his hand, inside a hospital room, where doctors are observing him through a glass window.

In the final credits, interviews of Keynes' wife are shown in which she says that the family has not yet been informed about him and concludes him to be missing."

So, WTF? Was he hallucinating and rescued by the CIA, and acquired supernatural powers? Were the doctors aliens? Or was he dead?

This was one weird and bizarre ending to a movie, and hell if I can figure it out.
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I saw this movie a few months ago, so my memory is a bit hazy. I thought the object they were chasing was extraterrestrial in origin, not supernatural, although I suppose it doesn't really matter. It was a pretty bad ending that didn't fit in very well with the rest of the film.


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