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Old 11-30-2019, 03:45 AM
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I'm not clicking on Rachel Maddow anymore. Life is too short

My 10th-grade English teacher taught us how to write an essay: Tell the reader what you're going to tell him. Then tell him. Finally, tell him what you've told him.

Ms. Maddow carries that too far. She tells us that she's going to tell us about a secret recording. Then she tells us a little about the secret recording. Then she tells us what she told us. Then she tells us that she's going to tell us about playing the secret recording. Then she tells us she's going to play the secret recording. (At last! .... No, not yet. ) Then she tells us again that she's going to play the secret recording. Finally at the 5:17 mark she plays the recording. That's over Five Minutes. With an F. Just to tell us she's going to play a recording. (Good news is that less than 3 minutes of my life was wasted — I always play Ms. Maddow at double speed.)

The recording is ... a stunning let-down. In the "secret" recording, Representative Devin Nunes admits that some of Trump's tweets make him cringe. That's a story??? It only proves that Nunes is more sentient than a banana slug, something that many of his detractors already suspected. That Ms. Maddow or her ilk find this scandalous confirms my fears about the stupidity of the left-wing bubble. Maybe there were more exciting revelations in the secret recording, but I found a convenient X to click. Bye bye, Rachel.

Yes, I see the YouTube is from August 2018. Don't blame me; Google recommended it; I don't know why. "Hey Google! Stop trying to be helpful. And stop showing me Rachel Maddow altogether."


On the topic of playing a video at 2X speed, I have a question for any 'Web gurus who read this. I have my own webpage with an html <video> tag. When Firefox displays that video (not a Maddow video!), it also provides a menu with a "Play Speed->Ludicrous (2x)" option. I want the playback speed to default to Ludicrous! Is there a way to do that, e.g. with simple Javascript?

Can any gurus help with this? Don't me ask in GQ!


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