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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Damn, does your spellcheck not work? The word is “discrimination”, not “descrimimation”. It is annoying.
If you absolutely have to "correct" someone on nitpicky stuff, please do it with an attitude resembling humor. Otherwise, take it to The BBQ Pit.

EVERYONE, for goodness sake, drop all the pointless bickering over spelling. This is supposed to be Great Debates, not Whiny Kvetching.

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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
I even think that in situations in which it causes economic or physical harm it should be illegal when practiced by private individuals...
what about when protestant or catholic school says you have to Christian to work?
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Originally Posted by fedman View Post
what about when protestant or catholic school says you have to Christian to work?
Inappropriate. It causes economic harm to the candidates, and can deprive the students of a teacher who's a perfectly good one.

One of my teachers in a Jesuit HS was a married ex-Jesuit priest. While that specific detail was irrelevant to his teaching Spanish Grammar and Literature, it gave us a chance to talk with someone whose experiences were different from what we could get elsewhere. Many of us could talk more freely about life paths and life choices with our teachers than we could at home; the parents of some of my classmates were still in denial about their little baby being about to go to college when said little baby was in 12th grade. And he was a dang good teacher, the kind who kindles students' love for the subject.

My 6th-grade Religion class was Comparative Religion: is there any reason it can't be taught by a Buddhist, an atheist or a Hindu? None I can come up with. While schools are supposed to teach certain principles along with the official course materials, stuff such as "say 'please' and 'thank you'", "help your neighbor" and "if you can't be helpful, at least don't be a jerk" isn't linked to a specific religion.

That was back when in Spain the choices of religion were pretty much "Catholic" and "non-practicing Catholic". Nowadays both that same HS and the Nuns I attended K-8 would be perfectly happy to get a Muslim teacher: they'd like to be able to offer Arabic as a second language but can't find qualified teachers for it anywhere.
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