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Originally Posted by Corry El View Post

Rent control is price fixing. Price fixing creates misallocation of resources and perverse incentives as compared to market price discovery. If the outcome of market pricing is judged unacceptably 'unfair', a subjective judgement call, then collecting taxes to subsidize people who cannot pay market prices is virtually always preferable to govt price fixing.
Not really. If the landlords are allowed to reset rents when a vacancy occurs, and are allowed to raise the rents a reasonable amount a year, then it's fluctuation control, not price fixing. That's how it is in San Jose. It just protects both sides from weird short term market fluctuations.
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It protects certain lucky tenants from paying market rates, for sure. How does this system “protect” landlords?
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Originally Posted by DesertDog View Post
This young lady is paying 69,000-yen a month for an 82-meter apartment in Tokyo. In the final minutes she says it is a bit high for the size but among other things, she likes the bed being in a loft rather than everything being in one tiny room, and they rent by the month rather than two-year leases like most places offer; her work-visa has to be renewed every months.
That also includes all utilities and internet - which is probably around Y12,000 a month - plus the contract is month-to-month with no key money required, and it's near a Yamanote Line station, which is -very- central Tokyo.

It's a pretty good deal all told. It's not just the size it's the location.
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