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Concord grap wine

According to Wiki the wines are traditionally made sweet but dry wines can be produced. Is there any commercially available dry Concord grape wine?

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There are some. Here's one I found, and I'm sure there are others.

They aren't common, because they frankly taste terrible. Concord grapes don't have the tannins you need for body and structure in a wine, and the "foxy" characteristic makes it taste like artificial grape flavoring to many people. Sugar will mask this, but without residual sugar, you're left with a poor-quality wine.
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For a second there, I thought you were making a disparaging remark about Concord wine.
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I've never had a dry Concord per se but I've had fox wine from the (red) muscadine and (white) Niagara, and while the muscadine was okay, the Niagaras have been pretty good verging on excellent.
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There are a lot of Labrusca dry wines out there -- Concord is a Labrusca. Although they tend to be sweet (Diamond wines and Niagaras can be overpoweringly sweet), not all are so. So there are plenty of dry and relatively dry Concord-like wines.

Here's how to make your own dry Concord Wine:

Medium-Dry Concord Wine

Bully Hill Goat White ( https://www.bullyhillvineyards.com/wine/c/1/white-wine/ )

Dry Niagaras:


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My first venture into winemaking with one of my buddies was using 5 cans of Welch's Concord grape concentrate and a second batch using Grape/Raspberry concentrate. The raspberry was very dry but sort of drinkable. The other was doubleplus ungood.
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