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Great Western Trail: Rails to the North (Boardgame)

Hey, have any1 tried this yet? Has been impossible to get it in the US but it seems like it's finally in stock at game shops!

I love the base game, and the additions looks solid.

A review at This guy seems satisfied
Also, the rulebook usually says more than a thousant words, so to speak. I think i will go for this one
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Heavy Cardboard has a teach/play through: (if you know it you can skip the base game teach)
I like the base game and the expansion is one of "I need free shipping" games (that is, if I order online and I'm short of the free shipping total I'll add this)

I have to get it since it has Green Bay (no La Crosse though...)

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It's a game now? I ask because it passes half a block north of me IRL
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Yes, GWT is a board game. You gather cattle and ship them for money / VP. Not historically accurate as a) in the game you are trying to get different types of cattle and in real life quantity matters and b) in real life they were shipped East and in teh base game they go West.



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