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There's also "monkey on a stick" jockeying
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So, anybody know if 5 years later, this innovation in Ultimate has taken hold?

We have seen jump shooting teams (OK, maybe just the Warriors) win NBA titles since this thread started.
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Originally Posted by Freddy the Pig View Post
Seriously? I'm about as casual a hockey fan as there is--most of my viewing is the Olympics or if the Blackhawks make the later rounds of the playoffs. Even I can think of three or four times when I've seen pulled-goalie goals. The Blackhawks won the 2013 Stanley Cup after a pulled-goalie goal in the final game. The US also had a memorable pulled-goalie goal against Canada in the 2010 Olympics.
And Canada did the same to the USA in the 2014 women's gold medal game.

I've seen pulled-goalie goals at least two dozen times.
Providing useless posts since 1999!
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My question is this: has someone invented a superior zombie-killing technique that isn't being used by most?

Of all the sports, the one that seems most resistant to new thoughts is baseball. They still eventually happen, but in the process, oh do the tinkerers get reviled, and the conservative managers hang on to the established way of doing things.


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