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Sleeping in, a sunriseless MMP

It's only slightly joking when I say I look forward to Moanday morning when I can sleep in...& go to irk. Usually that more true in the summer months but it was true this weekend too. Fri night/Sat morn, I was out all night watching the sky in the slightly-warmer-than-Polar-Vortex wind-chilled cold. Twas truly incredible! Sunday morning, I was out an hour before sunrise. I watched it but was unable to get any pictures of it as my hands were full at the time & I couldn't go the 15' to the car to get a camera with a better lens.

Today & the next few days there will be no (visible) sunrise as just about every form of precipitation (snow, sleet, freezing rain & rain) falls from the skies so I really can sleep in today. Skools are even opening two hours late. Perhaps I'll play with the morning sun on Thursday when it makes it's next, as-of-now scheduled appearance.

Pre-hijack question: when/why were you out for your last sunrise?


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