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Originally Posted by Personal View Post
I guess I should have been more clear. The moderation is generally more stringent here than any place I've seen, but the discussions, personalities, breadth of topics discussed are all things I've found in other places. It by no means is a slight on the SDMB; I enjoy this board and look forward to hearing the thoughts of many of the posters. It just doesn't stand out in general as an exemplar of any of the other meeting spots I mentioned.
My bold.

I'm serious, too. What are these other boards?

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Because IMDB shut down.
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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
My bold.

I'm serious, too. What are these other boards?
I can PM you if you want. I don't want to go too far into a hijack. The BBSes are long gone, and there are message boards that I used to frequent but no longer exist or have become overrun by ne'er do wells. I belong to one board that has been around since 1999, where the initial purpose of the board was to discuss music, but it has evolved into two sections, a music section and a non-music section. The non section has come to be the more active. There are discussions about politics, tv shows to binge, restaurants, all kinds of things.

There's also a board that I know many members of the SDMB read. I've just recently become acquainted with it, and it seems to be a place where you can talk about pretty much whatever interests you.

There are others. I would say that if you do a little research on Google, you can find a board or three that may interest you.
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Once in a great while I want to hear someone's opinion about something. BOY, do I hear that opinion, when I do get an answer, that is. I've been here since the AOL days. Mostly out of habit, but once in a while I get a useful answer to a question.
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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
The Dope has some of the best debating, question-answering, discussion culture of any message board I've seen. Many other discussion groups/boards I'd been on were just drowned out by nonsense conspiracy theories, immature memes, a culture of "our way or the highway" or just absolute low-quality posting.

And while message boards are beyond passť these days, I strongly prefer the way discussion works on a MB as compared to Twitter, blog comments, and the like, let alone Facebook which I've tried a couple times and strongly disliked.


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