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Best way to decorate a bass guitar in a non-permanent way

So my band is going to be playing a show on Halloween of this year, which means I have a good long time to figure this out. We're all going to wear costumes and I already know what I'm going to be: Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. I'll wear a yellow lab suit, I'll grow a goatee, and wear a bald cap, and a big pair of glasses. Here's the crucial part though: I want to decorate my bass so that it looks like it's totally encrusted with sparkly blue crystals.

There's a limit to how much I can do with the neck,because it's obviously a contact surface and the frets are in the way. Is there some kind of very thin, adhesive plastic tape, that I can get in a shiny blue color, that will stick to the spaces between the frets, and the rest of the neck, but easily peel off later?

The body and headstock I would like to be completely covered in the same kind of removable blue tape - I guess I could use painter's tape, which I already have and which is in fact already blue, though it's dark blue rather than light blue like the crystal meth from the show. What I want to do is make fake "crystals" of something, that will look just like the light blue crystals on the show, and then stick them all over the body of the bass so that it looks as though the whole thing is made out of the crystals. What material would be good for this? What could I get that could be shattered to look just like those crystals, but at the same time wouldn't be sharp enough to cut my hands?

And what's the best way of sticking it onto the instrument? I have so much lead time to prepare this so I want to really make it look as good as it possibly can. Has anyone here decorated an instrument in this manner? Do you have any ideas?
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I didn't see the show and don't know exactly what you're looking for but look into vinyl wrap. Add terms like pearlescent, crystal, iridescent & metallic and see where that takes you.


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