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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
Btw, she's a boogeytwoman.
Your "contribution" is to call out my fat-fingered key-bump. Got it.
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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
You realize that conservative principles of individual freedoms and free enterprise are what enables the so-called liberal states to prosper. Let them clamp down on freedom of expression, open their borders fully, and go full socialist and see how wealthy they remain.
As I recall the State of Kansas went "all in" on Republicans there for a while (in the not-too-distant past) and at some point even THEY (meaning: their Republican politicians) had to concede that their right wing policies weren't working. Now THAT is a FACT. What you "contributed" earlier? I'm not so sure about that.
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Originally Posted by Airbeck View Post
No location with humans will ever be a utopia because we are imperfect and therefore whatever society we create will be imperfect.

Why don't you tell us all about these horrible problems in California, and what the Republican plans are to fix them?

Also, can you give us an example of a Republican utopia? There are quite a few solid red places in this country where the Republicans have all of the power. Surely they've been able to create a conservatopia somewhere?
Liberals are obsessed with being right but eschew solutions.

Pointing out someone else's failure doesn't make you right.

California is a big pyramid scheme that benefits from it geographical location. Immigrants, both poor and rich, flood in here creating unsustainable growth to feed the greedy overpaid government workers who in turn want more immigrants. Liberals point to GDP increase and advocate building millions more homes. I point to environmental destruction and then get shut down. It will collapse one day.

I hope the Latinos and Asians immigrants will recognize the situation for what it is and renounce these unethical pensions for what they are. A form of slavery for the next generation. But far too many of them are in on the scam as well as white Boomers.
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Originally Posted by LAZombie View Post
Liberals are obsessed with being right but eschew solutions.

Pointing out someone else's failure doesn't make you right.
Well just what the fuck do you think it is that you're doing here?

This is literally exactly what you're doing.

Self-awareness is an important thing.
"Sometimes I think that the surest sign of intelligent life in the Universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." - Calvin and Hobbes
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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Conservatives? Where?

Funny, all I see are radicals, of a reactionary bent.
That's the real, fundamental problem these days.

Today's Republican party isn't 'conservative'. Conservative basically means that they want a good reason to change the status quo- they're cautious about change and value traditions, and view continuity and stability as very important. And they have different views on what the fundamental role and job of governments are.

But they're not trying to turn back the clock and/or change the status quo in reverse. Real conservatives would be as aghast at the idea of change in the opposite direction as any other kind of change.

What we have today is reactionaries. They explicitly want to turn back the clock and revert to the policies and social constructs of the past, and what makes it worse about today's Republicans is that they aren't even defining exactly when they're trying to turn the clock back to, or on what policies. Their platform seems to be a bunch of anger-fueled scattershot attempts to get rid of what they perceive as causing the problems they are experiencing.

The most prominent evidence of the party's shift toward reactionary ideals is that many of the things today's party oppose are solutions to issues proposed by Republicans/conservatives in the recent past. We'd think Obamacare was designed by some sort of cabal of the Clintons, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and the ghosts of John and Ted Kennedy. But nope, it was a program designed by Mitt Romney in his time as Governor of Massachusetts. Cap and trade was devised by Republicans, and even enacted by George HW Bush for sulfur dioxide. John McCain sponsored cap and trade legislation as well. Which makes sense, because it turns the solution from being one of legislative fiat into one to be solved by the free market- what could be more Conservative than that?

But today's clowns are apparently so totally corrupt and in bed with the fossil fuel industry that they're willing to try and gaslight the country about basic science, and decry policies their own party originally proposed, in order to further their agenda.


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