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Obviously a standardized test for bears wouldn't look anything at all like one for humans. And in fact, most of the standardized tests for human intelligence don't look at all like what you're probably imagining. For instance, one test used for humans (which turns out to give surprisingly useful results) consists of asking the subject to draw a picture of a person: The test is then scored on the basis of how much detail the subject included in the picture.

Riemann, I think we may be disagreeing on just how much of a tail truncation is significant. Even if bears have had a long time to evolve away the stupid genes, there are still going to be a few who manage to dumb themselves to death (heck, even a few humans manage that). So you're still going to see some truncation on that tail. And in some sense, any truncation of the tails of a distribution can be significant, since when distributions deviate from a Gaussian, it's usually out in the tails (though more often because the tails are too thick for a Gaussian than because they're too thin).


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