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Originally Posted by Charlie Tan View Post
But often I hear people in the break room who've tried every diet fad on earth and are picky eaters complain about how they are allergic to gluten or whatever. That way, those with real problems are being taken less seriously.
Yeah. I really hate the maladie du jour people. Maybe I should start a thread about those assholes. Except I've called them assholes in a lot of threads and they still have the nerve to exist! Which is another reason not to try to force unwanted food on people. Who the fuck cares if some airheaded ninny is trying a nothing but oranges and oyster mushroom diet? That is their problem. If they don't want to eat something don't insist - it's not like underweight people are a problem in most of the world these days, quite the contrary. If guy named D'Asshole wants to subsist on bile and badger pubic hair let him (as a hypothetical example).

Because I really liked it, here's the Tea Video again, which applies just as much to food as to tea or sex.

If you're a picky eater or don't like a particular flavor, say so and own it.
^ This.

And, by the way, when an adult says "I don't like broccoli and I don't want to eat it" that should also be respected. Having control and ownership of your own body includes deciding what should and shouldn't go into it.

I'm totally OK with saying I don't like cilantro or yogurt. I don't. Eating them won't kill me, though, or even make me ill. The worst that happens is I try it and say "Nope, still don't like it."

On the other hand, lentils or tomatoes CAN kill me - and tomatoes nearly did so twice. There was the "I Didn't Use Tomatoes in the Stew I Used Ketchup Instead" debacle and another incident when someone thought wiping ketchup off a hamburger made it safe - you know you're in trouble when you get to the ER and the triage nurse hits a panic button before you get more than three gasping syllables out, they don't ask you anything, not even name and insurance, just bodily lift you onto a gurney and start stabbing you with syringes. Zero wait time at the ER is what is called a Very Bad Sign.

But hey, what would actual trained medical personnel know, right? Including the one on this thread who has actually met me in real life.


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