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Twofer: Alabama high school gets religion & WTF Urbanredneck?

In the thread High school football coach has players baptised regarding a school in Kentucky, I bumped it with this post about an Alabama high school pulling the same stunt. Good ol' Urbanredneck jumped in with this bullshit about transgender students. That's what got the thread locked.

So, let's hit the first part. Yes, I know the thread had been dormant for a decade, but my post was definitely on topic and, as such, I really did not feel a brand-new thread was required. The FRRF is spot-on on the recent case and it really should not have happened. Also, my bump of the thread showed, IMHO, that not much has changed in a certain area of the country. And I repeat my query in the now-locked thread: WTF is so hard to understamd about SOCAS?

Now to the second part: What the fuck are you playing at, Urbanredneck? How on Earth is transgender relevant at all to that discussion? Had I started a new thread in GD, you would no doubt have chimed in with that same nonsense. Your hijack was trolling, and quite offensive trolling at that.
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I'm actually pretty amazed that a high school coach decided it was OK to baptize his team. WTF? Although it is reminiscent of that Simpsons episode where Flanders was going to baptize the Simpsons kids, but Homer dives in front of Bart and takes a baptism for him. What a hero!

On the subject of Urbanredneck, he's not really self-aware enough to be affected by a pitting. There are few people on this website whose intelligence I really question, but he's definitely one of them. Dumb, homophobic, misogynist, and transphobic. What's not to love?

(OK, maybe that wasn't the best example of "dumb", but I didn't feel like searching any further)
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Originally Posted by RitterSport View Post
I'm actually pretty amazed that a high school coach decided it was OK to baptize his team. WTF?
I'm not even in Alabama, and high school football coaches in my area are disproportionately reactionary fundamentalists. The coach when I was in high school never had anyone baptized, but he absolutely did things like lead religious indoctrination and prayers, explicitly enforce what he saw as biblical dress and grooming codes, etc.

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