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A horror movie starring... me! :D

This is pretty terrible, but it is actually the fourth part to a series I made from 2017 to now, with a fifth episode in early development.

I will try to describe what it is about, but you can probably gather that we aren't very good actors.

Basically, my friend and I die in a house, built on a land that was occupied by a demon master years ago, called Valtiel. We have evil twins that constantly go annoying us. Eventually, my friend reveals he has some special book, but he hides it from me. When I find out he binned it outside, I get mad and attack him. Later on, we have to fight a stupid clown, our twins, and then Valtiel himself, and a cat.

<Deleted link>

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Multiple issues, here. First and most importantly, we only allow promotion of users' own personal projects in the Marketplace forum, and then only for paid members. It looks like you have a number of substantive posts on other topics, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not just here to spam, and won't ban you. But I have removed the link.

Second, if you want to just talk about the fact that you made a movie, without promoting it, the place for that would be Cafe Society (our forum for the arts), not the Game Room (since this is a movie, not a game). So I'm moving it there.
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A horror movie starring... me! :D

Nobody needs to see your wedding videos--again!



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