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Dabnabbit, all of mine have already mentioned. Has anyone chimed in with Puff the Magic Dragon? IIRC, Jackie Paper loved that rascal, Puff.
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I Love the Nightlife - Alicia Bridges

Dance scene from Love At First Bite
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I Love L.A.
I Love New York
Dirty Water Love song to Boston (written and performed by people who'd never been there)
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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
Chestnut Mare by the Byrds.
That's the one I was going to mention. How can you be more romantically in love with a horse than with a line like "And we'll be friends for life, she'll be just like a wife"? Though I love the song, I've done horse-riding in my youth and get the song alright.
And if my thought-dreams could be seen
They’d probably put my head in a guillotine

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Jonathan Coulton: "I'm Your Moon", a love letter from Charon to Pluto.
That's my post. Hope you liked it!
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Here's a song-within-a-song that might qualify: "If you'll be my Dixie chicken, I'll be your Tennessee lamb..."
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How about a song about a lovely horse?

My Lovely Horse


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