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Is there or is there not an available cell on Capital?


Is there or is there not an available holding cell to hold witnesses who "refuse to answer questions"(see video link below ) before a Congressional hearing/Congressional committee or do not comply with a Congressional subpoena/summons?

3 minutes 42 seconds into the video
Rep John Garamendi (Democrat) talks about a "room, which we do happen to have in the Capitol"

Wolf Blitzer [6PM] 10/09/19 | CNN News Today Oct 09, 2019

I look forward to your feedback.
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I am sure the Capitol Police could find a cell, why wouldn't they? Cf: and the linked document there.
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While there is no jail cell per se at The Capitol (see link[s] above), the Capitol Police do maintain a holding cell in their HQ a few blocks away. I've also seen it suggested that the cells maintained by the local Washington, D.C. government--which is authorized by the Legislative Branch, and as such does not report to the Executive Branch's Dept. of Justice--might well be "rented" by Congress as needed.

In the past, when it has proven necessary to confine those in contempt of Congress, it has been a hotel room or a little-used windowless office in the Capitol in which detainees were held under armed guard and/or lock and key.

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