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Old 09-07-2019, 04:10 PM
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Jumped up Jesus in a sidecar. I have a pair of baggy capris, too long, too shapeless. I wore them the other day with shortie socks in my old lady sneakers. I walked by a big mirror and holy shitballs, I saw 'my mother'... I have officially turned into My Mother. Kill me now. Next: A cane. I will go to an expensive mall store, flip through racks and racks of on-sale clothes, leave my f'ing CANE hanging up next to the cute pink linen resort-wear section.....
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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
If you're an adult, dress like it.
If you have to wear sweatpants and the like to be comfortable, that means you need to learn how to buy clothes that fit and are well-made.

Dress like you value yourself, because what you wear projects an image to the world about whether you wish to be taken seriously or not. .
I value myself.

Therefore I will wear what I damn well please. You don't like my cargo pants, you can look at somebody else.

One of the things I like about farming is that what I please to wear is for the most part suitable for the job; though occasionally I please to wear a shirt that's too fragile to stand up well in the field.

I'm 68, which I think puts me in a range in which I can claim old-lady status if I feel like it. One of the advantages of old-lady status, IMO, is that you get to quit worrying, if you ever did, about what people think you look like (exception, as always, for your partner if you've got one; while you shouldn't be worried about the subject if the relationship's any good, if they like to dress up and want you to match I think it's good to be nice to your partner and that's enough reason to at least sometimes wear what they like). But most people in this society are going to think you look like an old woman and quite a lot of them are going to quit looking. Wear what suits you. Which, of course, is going to vary depending on who you are. (And, if you can manage it, cultivate for suitable occasions a voice which says 'You WILL include my voice in this conversation.')

-- "clothes that fit and are well-made" would have to, for many people and especially for many women, be custom-made; thereby requiring financial resources many people either don't have at all, or would only have if they chose not to do other things more important to them. Off-the-rack clothes are made in a limited number of shapes; human bodies come in a much wider range.
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If you don't already KNOW what to wear in various circumstances, the advice would be to dress conservatively so as to not stand out from everybody else, whether by over- or under-dressing, or choosing the wrong style. The rule of thumb is, if everybody keeps staring at you, you're doing it wrong (or very, very, right).

Your age really has nothing directly to do with it, unless your favourite dresses or suits are 50 years out of fashion.
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Originally Posted by DPRK View Post
Your age really has nothing directly to do with it, unless your favourite dresses or suits are 50 years out of fashion.
I was told I had to wear a suit for work -- was I doing it wrong?
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The last time I wore a necktie was to go to underground cartoonist (and author of Maus) Art Spiegelman’s gallery show last winter. I also had on a topcoat, vest, pearl-grey bowler, and sneakers. I was pleased to see that Art was wearing nearly the same, except with a black fedora instead of a bowler.

Bohemian New Yorkers have always dressed like freaks. My wife rarely wear tee shirts with things written on them, because she feels that folks over 40 shouldn’t do it. But all the other old men in our Brooklyn neighborhood do. Over the past three days I have worn tee shirts advertising the Maine soft drink Moxie, the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, and FDR’s National Recovery Act.
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Originally Posted by digs View Post
I was also raised to "look presentable"... which was a very narrow window of being what would now be considered dressy. Suit and tie for work and church, otherwise "casual but nice": pleated khakis and button-down shirts (all nicely ironed of course). Oh, and "going out", even if it was a mid-level chain restaurant, meant at least a sportcoat. Which was looked upon as many steps below a suit. Don't forget freshly-shined pinchy leather shoes, and a short haircut with a straight part (to distinguish yourself from those liberals and hippies: "Your part should be as straight as your morals").
Heh. I'm a woman, but I used to wear my hair center-parted and long. My mom always said my part looked like it was struck by lightning, because I never bother to make it perfectly straight.
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I'm still gonna dress like a stoned teenager. T-shirts and cargo shorts most of the time, sometimes overalls, and jeans in winter. If there's a good reason to wear a button down shirt in the era of cotton knit, I still haven't heard it.
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Annie-Xmas didn't bump this thread; it was a now-deleted spammer.
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First thing I thought about when seeing this thread title was older folks desperately trying to look young by dressing in "what the kids are wearing." At one time, that would have meant mini-skirts and go-go boots, tho I don't follow fashion trends, so I have no idea what the kids are wearing these days.

Honestly, I don't much care what people wear, but I do find it tacky when undergarments or too much skin are on display. It doesn't offend me or scandalize me - it just looks awful, IMHO. I also crack up when I see men in jeans with smaller waist sizes buckling them under massive guts. If that's your fantasy, dude...
Old 09-08-2019, 08:29 AM
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Dressing appropriately for the setting is of moderate importance. It is easy to attach to much significance to fashion.

Even some bankers and lawyers are moving away from formal clothing. This is a shame. It is important to be comfortable, formal clothing does not have to be constrictive if you choose the proper material for the climate. Some work settings are much more informal.

It is common for groups to want to differentiate themselves. Slang and fashion are easy ways to do this. I am not likely to wear low hanging jeans, exposed underwear, exposed belly buttons, gaudy jewellery, clothing with attached price tags or prominent brand names (with occasional exceptions). But T-shirts were objectionable when they came out, and some old folks still frown on shorts.

Clothing should fit and flatter the figure. So probably not everyone should expose their least flattering parts, regardless of age. But if you want to, itís a free country.

I think the trends towards more colourful clothing, comfort, less required formality, fewer ďrulesĒ and mixing, say, jeans and sport coats are good. Still, many folks donít dress very well. They donít have to. Nothing wrong with prioritizing other things. But it is easy and fun to develop an individual style, and a generally positive thing as well.

I donít think most older people would want to wear clothing in public that makes them look like a goth, cosplay victim, is very revealing or makes strangers quake with laughter. But if they want to, all the power to them. My own tastes are slightly more formal.
"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man"
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When I was little (born in 58) older women wore short sleeved house dresses and short permed hair. I thought, that's not me, I'm never going to do that.
As I got older, I saw Cher didn't do that either so figured it was more lax now.
I am 60, and I do wear yoga pants and sleeveless tank tops in the summer.
I don't feel that's dressing too young for my age as I have the figure for it, but theres a point where one would go over the line, such as hmmm, I actually don't know what that would be, maybe a mini skirt?
you need me
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I wear khaki cargo shorts year round because I got the legs for it.

Plus, jeans are freaking hot.

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