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What is the name of this movie?

It is a dark psychological thriller. I'm honestly not sure is it an American or European movie. If it is an European movie, I think it may be Russian or Bulgarian, but once again I'm not sure. The movie opens with a young college student finding a severed, mummified human head. I think that he either

1) finds the head in his backpack

2) finds a bag in the park, takes it home and finds the head inside

3) gets the package containing the head mailed to him

One of the three. And that is the only thing I remember about that movie. I also think it might have come out in 1984 or 1994, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know its name? Thank you.
Old 09-14-2019, 11:33 AM
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No idea. If nobody else knows, at reddit they have r/tipofmytongue, and they're usually pretty good at this.
Old 09-14-2019, 11:39 AM
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IMDb has a list of 1042 feature films with "severed head" as a keyword. You can narrow it down further by release year, genre, other keywords, etc.
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Well, there’s Blue Velvet (1986), in which a college student finds a severed ear in a paper bag in a field.


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