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Originally Posted by Emily Litella View Post
One thing I'm really loving is the artistry in everything, from the costumes, to the furniture, the artwork and the fabrics. It's all so lush and rich, it's like they emptied a castle or museum to use on the sets.
This. The set design is fantastic. This world looks real, and all locations are “deep” for lack of a better word. Layers and layers - down to the files in the cupboard in the background of a shot in the police station.
And the first episode is the weakest in the series, it looks like it is setting up some pretty standard stuff, and not doing that great a job of it, and then the rest of the episodes are significantly different - better.
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I hope this isn't considered a thread-shit, but I watched the first episode and hated it. Both the overall story and the dialogue are so cliche - we've all seen this same thing 100 times before. As a result, you can see what's coming next miles away. I literally anticipated and said out loud the next lines that came out of a character's mouth at least twice, maybe three times. And the acting isn't complete dreck, but they can't do anything with the shit dialogue/scenes they're given.

I'll give it this: it looks good. The production design is excellent, even if the CGI left a lot to be desired.

Seems like a major missed opportunity to me - I was hoping for so, so much better.
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Even those of us who liked the series admit the first episode is by far the weakest. As also mentioned, some of it goes in unexpected directions but that's not until you're several episodes in so a lot of people who might otherwise enjoyed the second half of the series never got that far.

But if you didn't care for it you didn't care for it. That's OK.

I'd be thrilled if Season 2 hit it out of the ballpark.
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Originally Posted by DigitalC View Post
It made very little sense to me that Vignettes entire library could suddenly show up in the Burgue. The entire premise of the show was that they abandoned the war and left Tirnanoc to the Pact, how did they retake Anoun if they were bailing? If her home was free why wasn't she there?
I thought the "library" was a painted ceiling to look like a shit ton of books, and what was real was prominently displayed, as in the one book. Still, the implication being her work to seal the library failed and that the religious artifacts are being sold and displayed by humans.

The library could have been found by the Pact, who ended up selling some of their booty to the Burgue.
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Originally Posted by Stowed Bob View Post
I thought the "library" was a painted ceiling to look like a shit ton of books, and what was real was prominently displayed, as in the one book. Still, the implication being her work to seal the library failed and that the religious artifacts are being sold and displayed by humans.
Concur in toto.
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Loved the show! Both of us. Looking forward to the next season.

Love the discussions on the wings and flying. I thought of it but it never bothered me. I also like that pix are bad asses.

I also wondered about the library but, minor spoiler?? the current period is seven years later. Enough time to have found and transported the library.

Love the comparison to Bright as we enjoyed that show!

I forget about xray but love the info. We watched on our TV and so not as easy to use for us. Have to see if I can find it.

I also liked the one noble woman's journey with her puck neighbor. Thought that was fun.

I did find that there are maps out there of the world with names of the places, which I liked.

I also read that this was originally a movie but somewhere along the way got a series. I'm glad it got the longer time!

Thanks for the discussion!

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I really enjoyed it. The world building was interesting and I liked the storylines. Also appreciated there weren't 6000 characters to learn and how almost all the stories dovetailed together.

The setting reminded me of a Computer RPG from the 90s or early 2000s called Arcanum. I loved that game.

I constantly thought of Lane Pryce every time the prime minister showed up.

Glad it was renewed and look forward to season 2


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