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Tommy Shaw from Styx put out a bluegrass album - The Great Divide.
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Brian May wrote, "'39", for A Night at the Opera. A nice country-ish tune. About space travel.
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Jerry Garcia and David Grisman wrote blue-grassy country tunes. My favorite is 'Sweet Sunny South'
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Originally Posted by Gordon Urquhart View Post

The Beast In Me
was written by Nick Lowe (who was the son-in-law of the spoilered person). Both Lowe and Edmunds are long-serving British rockers and were in Rockpile -- easy mistake.
Goddamit. Aaaaargh! I had to get two words (Nick Lowe) right and.....

....and of course you're right, Gordon. I've let Nick Lowe down; I've let The Straight Dope Down; I've let myself down; and worst of all, I've let down

Johnny Fucking Cash

BTW I saw Rockpile back in the late seventies - Edmunds, Lowe, Bremner and all - and they were crap.


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[b]Warren Zevon[/], normally a rocker through and through, decided to try his hand at a very country song. Here is the result, complete with twangy guitars and Dwight Yoakum on background vocals:

Heartache Spoken Here

It's a great song.

Also, I think there are a number of Eagles songs that could be considered country. Peaceful Easy Feeling, Tequila Sunrise, Desperado (almost the entire album) and others. Lots of country artists cover them, and Don Henley has done country songs with other artists.
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The Minus Five album of the same name (an all-time favorite "dark" album) has one overtly country song, "Cigarettes, Coffee and Booze":

Your mama knew it, now I know it too
Across the kitchen table, she barely looked at you
The paperbacks were piled up, she read them all right through
Saying all you really need is
Cigarettes, coffee and booze
Cigarettes, coffee and booze

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Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
Great example. I'm slapping myself that I didn't think of it.

Here's one: Send Me the Heart by Denny Laine of Wings
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Thumbelina from the fantastic "Learning To Crawl" album by the Pretenders. Though it's arguably more of a rockabilly song than country, but we all know those are grey differences.
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My 8-year-old son introduced me to a current big hit, “Old Town Road,” a country song (mostly) by a 20-year-old rap artist named Lil Nas X. He later did a version with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Also....someone upthread was wondering about “Wild Horses.” It was definitely composed by Jagger and Richards — you see them recording it in early 1970 in the film Gimme Shelter.
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(Though I see a Parsons fan has defaced the “Wild Horses” Wikipedia page...temporarily, I’m sure. Sad, because it distracts from the real, undisputed, wonderful influence Parsons did have on his friend Richards during that time period).


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