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Just learned that Nathanael Greene went from private in the Rhode Island militia to major general in the Continental Army. By the end of the American Revolution, he was one of Washington's most capable and trusted generals:
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General Idi Amin Dada started as a cook in the Ugandan army and ended up President for Life...

One factoid I read about him mentioned that he was the first native African head of State that was not a British-educated graduate.
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I think Hitler was a private in the World War I, and Supreme Leader in the 2nd.
"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge."
--Daniel J Boorstin
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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
I think Hitler was a private in the World War I, and Supreme Leader in the 2nd.
He didn't exactly get the latter job by rising through the ranks of the German Army, though.
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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
He didn't exactly get the latter job by rising through the ranks of the German Army, though.
As already mentioned upthread.

md2000's suggestion of Idi Amin seems to be spot-on, though. He really does seem to have started at the lowest enlisted rank and worked his way up through promotions, then a commission, then more promotions to the commander of the entire armed forces. And all this before he seized political power in a military coup.
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Originally Posted by zimaane View Post
would by the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Actually, that piece isn't accurate. The Joint Chiefs do hold the highest ranks available in the officer corps. Others also hold that rank. If you are talking about senior by duty position they are "outranked" by the Combatant Commanders. The Combatant Commanders work directly for the National Command Authority(NCA), which is the combination of the President and Secretary of Defense. POTUS and SECDEF both can issue legal orders to Combatant Commanders. The Joint Chiefs advise NCA. They legally do not have executive authority over the Combatant Commanders. They haven't since 1953.

It's an important point because there's a pretty high profile name that went from enlisted to Combatant Command that hasn't been mentioned yet. That is John Kelly, current Chief of Staff in the Trump administration. He first enlisted in 1970. In 2016 he retired after leading Southern Command.
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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I see you and raise - Basil I. His life was a soap opera.
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Originally Posted by friedo View Post
A formerly-enlisted officer is known as a Mustang Officer, and there are a lot of them. Some have achieved top positions in the flag officer ranks.

Word back in the day is that this guy was the first Mustang to make full Commander. It was well deserved if true. I would have taken a bullet in a non-vital organ for the man. For his replacement, Id keep my head down.

Papa George was the best boss I ever had. I raise one in his memory.

Fair winds and following seas, wherever you are, Sir.


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