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Response: Is chiropractic for real or just quackery?

Hi Cecil:
I would like to clear up some old wives tales about chiropractic that many people still believe to be true. Perhaps, after the clarification you will have a better understanding about the profession of chiropractic and the science behind what we do.
When many people think of a chiropractic adjustment they think of an “abrupt push or pull on the back or neck,” yet that is not all of the case. A chiropractor can perform an adjustment using his/her hands or a small instrument, such as an activator. In both manual adjusting and instrument-assisted adjusting motion is put into a joint, but never past the anatomical barrier. An adjustment is performed at a joint that has a subluxation, otherwise known as a joint that has a decreased range of motion. The chiropractic definition of subluxation is not to be confused with the medical definition of subluxation, for they are two different definitions. Adjustments do not only occur in the spine, but at any of the hundreds of joints in the body, including joints in your hands and feet.
History is filled with scientists that have since been proven wrong; well, even though many concepts that originated from the father of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, still hold true, 119 years later, there are some concepts that have been proven wrong. Yet, unfortunately, these concepts gain the most public attention.
Chiropractors look at the body as a whole and evaluate each individual before treatment. We perform the exam to rule out any condition that may be beyond chiropractic care because not every patient is suited for chiropractic care. Every treatment is individualized for the patient, for instance, if a chiropractor orders radiographs and reads the radiograph to conclude the patient has osteoporosis, their treatment will include modalities that avoid a heavy thrust of a manual adjustment.
There is a lot of research stating the benefits to chiropractic care and the science that backs up chiropractic. Here are some for your enjoyment: Adjustments have been found to decrease nociceptive, or pain causing, input input to the spinal cord (Bartsch 2003). Measurable changes within a joint complex occur within one week of the start of lack of mobility of a joint (Lantz 1988). I encourage you to dabble in the plethora of other studies that will blow your mind!

Thanks for taking the time to read my response,


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