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Originally Posted by The_Peyote_Coyote View Post
I agree with you, wonky. I gave up on the Star Wars franchise after the abomination known as Jar-Jar Binks.
I can tell you the exact moment the movies started to go downhill: when Obi-Wan says "There is The Other" in Empire.
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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
I can tell you the exact moment the movies started to go downhill: when Obi-Wan says "There is The Other" in Empire.
You must of seen the alternate version with young Leia walking into Han's classroom at the end.

"There is another."
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Miller Miller is online now
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Also, that was Yoda's line, not Obi-Wan.
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Everything after Terminator 2 didn't need to happen. The original ending could've done a great job of wrapping up the series.
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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I thought of a good example this morning: Trainspotting.

In the original movie, Renton was a heroin addict whose social circle consisted of other heroin addicts. Everyone in the movie was shown to be following a self-destructive path to an early death. Most of the characters avoided thinking about this by not thinking about the future. Renton was shown to be different; he could see he was heading towards an early death and wanted to change. He tried to quit heroin but his friends led him back into it. So at the end, he betrayed and abandoned his friends. He knew it was an immoral act but he justified it by thinking it was the only way he could save his own life and that his friends, by their own choices, were not going to be able to save themselves and would take him down with them.

Then a sequel, T2 Trainspotting, was made twenty-one years later. I'll admit I haven't seen the sequel but the trailer reveals one of the key facts of the movie; the characters from the first movie are still around twenty years later. That fact alone invalidates the first movie. It means Renton was wrong. His friends were doomed to die; they apparently either quit using heroin or they have been using it for twenty years without dying. Either way, Renton wasn't facing the extreme choice that he felt justified his act.
While you're not wrong that Trainspotting 2 does kind of diminish the first film, it's not really for the reasons you've suggested. It's also much darker and hopeless than the original.
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I deliberately avoided Blade Runner 2049 because I thought it would diminish the original - I don't suppose that counts.

However, my main purpose for posting is because I just happened across a related phrase that I had never seen before: to nuke the fridge.


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Jurassic Park. I loved the original. It's one of my favorite movies. The sequels have been going increasingly downhill ever since, and Jurassic World was dumb beyond belief. I don't have high expectations for the new Jurassic World film.


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