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I found this (from Darren Garrison's link) to be interesting:

The Season 7 M*A*S*H episode "Our Finest Hour" has reporter Clete Roberts, previously used in the acclaimed Season 4 episode "The Interview", returning to the 4077th to interview the doctors and nurses for a black-and-white TV documentary. However, whereas the earlier episode featured all-new material and never broke from its concept, "Our Finest Hour" awkwardly inserts a large number of (color) clips from earlier episodes in a manner that destroys any kind of narrative flow in the Roberts segments. All of this goes a long way toward explaining why "Our Finest Hour" is regarded by many M*A*S*H fans as one of the weakest episodes in the show's run, making its title more than a little ironic.

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Originally Posted by silenus View Post
Hell, WKRP did a clip show for their 9th episode!
Some band ought to release a debut album titled, "Greatest Hits"......
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Colbert often does them on Friday nights. He films a new monologue in front of the Thursday night audience and does the scene where he runs out of the studio at the end. He usually includes a joke about how this is a great Friday night crowd, unlike that Thursday crowd.

Between the two, he typically just runs repeats of guests mostly from the current week, but occasionally from previous weeks. You can tell because his tie changes color.

He used to do this every Friday, but now it's not so consistent. Sometimes the clips might include stuff that was edited out of the previous show.

Incidentally, this is one of the reasons the guests on late night shows don't remain on the couch after their segment is over. It's easier to do clips.
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Letterman taped his Friday show on Thursday so maybe that's where he got the idea.
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Originally Posted by Bijou Drains View Post
Letterman taped his Friday show on Thursday so maybe that's where he got the idea.
Colbert has generally done this. But the "clip show Friday" thing is a summer thing, for the most part. Letterman just did a rerun on Fridays during the summer in the last years of the show.

Note: Friday is considered a dead night for talk shows. Letterman's old show was initially only M-Th. NBC ran some video garbage on Friday nights. It was a while before they gave him the Friday slot.

Conan still only does M-Th. And he does double episode tapings quite a lot. Sometimes weeks in advance. Many band performances and such are taped separately and inserted in.
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A rerun of In the Heat of the Night is on right now, and it is a clip show. The framing device is a reporter interviewing the cops.
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Originally Posted by kunilou View Post
Bewitched not only had episodes that reused whole scenes out of earlier episodes, it also recycled entire scripts.
I actually marathoned the show. They even would recycle jokes, setup and punchline, from the previous episode!


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