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Old 03-10-2020, 10:24 AM
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Indian Wells Cancelled

Indian Wells, often referred to as professional tennis' "Fifth Major", has been indefinitely postponed due to one case of the Corona virus in the local area.

They say "postponed", but can it realistically ever be played this year? The virus has barely taken a foothold in this country. It's hard to imagine there not being ONE case of it for the foreseeable future. Also, what happens if they start a tournament and a case is announced, say, half way through the tournament? Will they abruptly cancel, and would it even do any good at that point?
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It does seem like an extreme reaction.

It's probably a cancellation. Tennis players don't sit around waiting for a reschedule; there are other tournaments to prepare for and play in. They can't just knock off a couple of weeks on short notice.
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Very disappointed and rather surprised. But the crowd density and mixing were going to be a public health risk. We assumed they’d put up extra hand-washing stations and some warnings, but let people make their own risk assessments.

We already got our tickets and hotel refunded. It’s nice to see that safety comes before profits sometimes.
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Another extreme overreaction, but whatever.
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It's officially cancelled now, right? I'm blown away that this got cancelled. While there are only 4 real majors, this is just about as close as we get to another major.


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