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(Hard won) Medicare for me!

I just wanted to share the news that after a 9.5 year battle with the Social Security Administration juggernaut, I have FINALLY won the right to retire on disability! I've been awarded a fully favorable decision based on my Multiple Sclerosis, chronic peripheral neuropathy, cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, and severe migraine disoder.

I'm 39 years old, and my disabling conditions really began to affect me about 20 years ago. One of the reasons it took so long to win was that I kept working as long as I could, but I DO have this powerful addiciton to eating, after all. I also was "non-compliant" with my prescribed medication, which happens to cost a cool $7900.00/month (discounted) and you have to be in pretty dire straits indeed to be given the assistance from the manufacturer.

I won't get much money per month, but that was never the goal. I'll be eligible for Medicare immediately, as soon as they finish sorting out my paperwork, since my eligibility date passed sometime last year. THAT was the true goal, and I am thrilled. It's almost surreal, this fight and hope has been such a part of my life for so long that I almost feel as if I will need to find a new crusade to take its place!

A great attorney, a kind judge, and learning the system can go a long way. It IS possible to cut through the red tape. I'm so relieved that I'll finally be able to care for myself and my little boy.
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Congratulations! It's a rotten system when you have to fight so damned hard for your own damned money!

You should get back pay dating from when you filed. Before you plan that wild party (NOT), or go on a cruise (I'm KIDDING!), talk to your tax advisor to see how much of that back pay you need to set aside to pay for taxes.

Because yes, the heartless government taxes Social Security!

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Originally Posted by VOW View Post
Because yes, the heartless government taxes Social Security!
I will, and I will be making sure I don't have any tax liability, but honestly it may not be much if any. They consider it by year, as well. So I can amend my returns to say "Well, this much I SHOULD have had in 2017, so...and THIS much from 2018..." Etc. And considering I haven't been able to work at all since 2014 and will be receiving a bottom-of-barrel monetary benefit, I may not even clear the yearly tax threshhold.

But yes - once all debts are paid, once all taxes are covered, once everything has settled down - I ABSOLUTELY intend to take a look at whatever lump sum is left and do something special with it. I've never really been out of the country. If it's safe, I may take a frugal, well planned trip.

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