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Old 03-18-2020, 01:57 PM
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Here's something Cecil Adams might have written

We all miss Uncle Cecil and his weekly words of wisdom. I just ran across this article, which reminded me of the vital and relevant topics he used to tackle on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Can Farts Spread Disease?
Old 03-18-2020, 02:49 PM
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Very cool.

See 'Unca Cecil' we think of you all the time!
ES-pecially me, beck! You know me, beck who had surgery and has been in REAL pain. (Also being a pain, according to my surgeon)

I'm convinced Cecil is lurking And reading the Dope. How could he not? Being I'm here
Old 03-18-2020, 04:56 PM
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I found this passage particularly interesting:

"But the results of the experiment should not be considered alarming, because neither type of bacterium is harmful. In fact, they're similar to the ‘friendly’ bacteria found in yogurt."
So, ummm, does this suggest one could create homebrew yogurt by farting on milk?

*ducks and runs*
Old 03-19-2020, 07:46 AM
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One big difference is that there are many people writing these columns. So more like the great old classic Staff Reports* than Cecil. (Who, as we all know, is one person. )

* Which I miss dearly.
Old 03-19-2020, 08:25 AM
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Here's a side-by-side comparison you can do: Lava Lamps.

Somebody named "Ellen Gutoskey". Note that there's no pointing out the term of "Lava Lite". Harrumph.


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