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Old 03-25-2020, 02:01 PM
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Buddhism seems like victim blaming

I'm sure I'm getting this wrong in some way but for a religion based on compassion they seem to blame people a lot for their own misfortunes. Like in the above talking about how stress is an overreaction to life, or in other videos where they in a sense blame the person for having depression as a result of being unable to let go of attachments or desires, or living in delusion. It was in some video with a monk titled "why you are depressed".

It like making one feel bad for their current suffering and misfortune, especially for someone who struggles with depression like I do. It makes it sound like it's my fault I am this way.
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[QUOTE=Machinaforce;22210242 It makes it sound like it's my fault I am this way.[/QUOTE]

Hey now maybe those Buddhists are onto something.
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@ the OP: Well, yes. That's exactly what it (Buddhism) is. "If you're suffering, it's because you did something to deserve it."

While we're at it, doesn't Hinduism feature some of that, too?

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Why stop at Buddhism & Hinduism? "We are all sinners and need divine forgiveness" is pretty much a Christian mantra.
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Consider a medication consult.
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You have numerous threads about Buddhism already, and this particular thread does not seem to be significantly different in topic from them to warrant it's own thread.

I would suggest that you start a single thread to discuss all of the various aspects of Buddhism, and then keep posting to that thread. Do not open multiple threads on what is essentially the same topic.

Thread closed.
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