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And just because we haven't hit page six all that much, welcome to page 6.

Am eating a 11oz sirloin with steak fries and sallit with 4 rolls, all exactly to order. Yeah for Texas Roadhouse.

All y'all have a good evening and I'll catch you on the new MMP tomorrow.
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Happy Sunday!

The plants have been re-potted, Nelson's been walked, I've played in the studio, red beans and rice rocks, plus, I made a batch of carrot onion soup for lunches this week. Go me!

Stay safe!
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I made Ziti for dinner, but all that talk of pulled pork calls my signature sandwich to mind. It was sparked by my wife eating a hot roast beef sandwich for lunch one day at a local sports bar;

The next time i pulled a pork butt off of my offset smoker I sliced a fresh baguette on a sandwich sized bias and lightly toasted them on the grill. I put a generous serving of pulled pork on them and served thi with garli parmesan mashed yukon gold potatoes and covered it with sausage and bacon country gravy. Not very low calorie or heart friendly but tasty none the less
ní féidir leat canadh le gloine folamh
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Mrs. L.A.'s steak is on the barbie. My steak will go on in a bit. Potatoes, pierced, buttered, and wrapped in foil, are in the toaster oven. We have wine.
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I took Mauser to the dog park today. The humans all sat well seperated, the dogs sniffed each other up close and personal.
At least my dog loves me.
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Howdy Y'all! I'm sure y'all were worried so I shall relieve your minds and say I did haul the biiiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. Everyone may rest easy now.

MetalMouse did you pickup or get it delivered? Just wonderin' cause if it was delivered, how long did it take? If you picked up, how did they go about it? Just nosy about the experience.

CupCakes better that way than the dawgs sittin' well separated while the humans sniff each other up close and personal. Sounds like y'all got the social distancin' thing right.
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baker, Nelson is envious. Our dog parks are closed for the duration. He had a playdate with his two besties (they're both dachshunds ) at one of their back yards yesterday, but he misses going to the park regularly.


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