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PC game - Disco Elysium

I just finished playing this and I'm still stunned. It's partly an RPG and partly a detective game. You play an amnesiac police officer trying to figure out who the hanged man is and who hanged him. You also have to figure out your name and why your gun and badge are missing.

The mystery is so complex and the characters are so bizarre that in many cases, I felt like I was playing Twin Peaks: The Game. The otherworldly setting isn't quite post-apocalyptic, but after a terrible war, the authorities are struggling to keep the cities from falling into anarchy. It's confusing and long-winded, but it's the best game I've played in a long, long time.
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Sounds like “Murdered: Soul Suspect” or going back even further, “Deja Vu”.
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I finished it last week and loved it. Closest thing to a pen-and-paper RPG that I've played yet.

There's essentially no combat; it's virtually all dialogue and various skill checks. Losing a skill check isn't always a bad thing.

One aspect that I haven't seen in other computer RPGs is that you really don't want to just explore every dialogue tree completely. Other characters might look down on you or lock you out of some options if you say something really stupid. You have to be fairly judicious in the choices you make.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have tremendous replay value. You don't really feel it as you're playing it the first time, but some aspects of the game are a bit on rails. I'm about halfway through a second playthrough with a totally different character, and while there are some differences, the major points are the same.


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