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Originally Posted by GMANCANADA View Post

Try Youtube, I've watched lots of full episodes there.
I've been watching it on a network called "Dabl" (sounds like "dabble," get it?), which is one of those digital subchannels. It shows mostly old cooking and home improvement shows. May or may not be available from your television provider.
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Checked it out. Some good shows there. Lots of Ceasar Milan and old Canadian shows like Cityline!

I've been watching "Reel Truth History Documentaries" channel on Youtube:

They're generally British focused: history, antiques, WW2 documentaries etc. I think it fed it to me since I watched a couple episodes of Time Team. The Youtube algorithm worked!
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Originally Posted by GMANCANADA View Post
It was more the complete "Catch-22" contradiction between the council's planner and the council itself that surprised me.
It happens from time to time, no doubt, but that's decision-making by elected representatives for you. The full-time professional bureaucrats don't decide everything - that's why they can't absolutely guarantee that this or that design feature will get it through.

I'm not a planning lawyer, but in my citizen's understanding, the council has some legal obligation to abide by planning policies for an area that have been previously established by a defined process of consultation and formal approval. There might be room for an appeal to central government or to the courts, depending on how much discretion that left over decisions affecting particular plots of land or particular buildings. Or (I don't know for sure about this) there might be a way to get the planning committee to re-consider or have it referred to the full council, depending on exactly what the objections to the proposal were.

Yes, that all adds delay and expense, but that's the risk you take in that situation.


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