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What is a yachts good for?

I read in another thread a signature that left me perplexed:

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.

I am fine with rich people, this is not about envy: I am a millionaire myself in a valauble currency, and can understand living in a mansion. Both are nice. But could someone tell me what a yacht is good for? If you buy a small one, everything is too small, everything gets damp, you can't stand up without hitting your head against something (I am 6'4"), the cooking is at best primitive, the only fresh produce may be the fish, if you catch one, the rest is canned or dried or dreadful. Internet connections are slow, expensive or non-existant. If you buy a big ship you have to stand (and pay!) the crew. Repairs are awfully expensive, everything is made bespoke and does not fit, and the food still does not taste great. Around you there is only water, the sun is too bright and the ground keeps on moving. Makes you sick. I will stop the description of my impression there; you get the general idea.
So, this is my question: what are yachts good for? How can you enjoy them? Who came up with the idea that they could be made into a luxury segment and how did he (it was a man, right?) get away with it?
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